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24 Oct

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about how to impress our loved ones with thoughtful and unique gifts. With the rise of e-commerce and online marketplaces, it seems like the perfect opportunity to support independent artists. Most of these artists are talented and passionate people who work hard to make a successful career out of their artistry; their art is their life! Therefore, it is a great chance to shop for presents that are both meaningful and authentic art pieces, and at the same time, support small businesses. Let's explore some ideas on how to support independent artists this holiday season with holiday art and gift decorations.

1. Shop on Artisan Websites

 Artisan websites and collaboratives like Sawdust and Clay are perfect   platforms to shop from a wide range of independent artists selling their   artwork. It is a unique opportunity to browse numerous art categories   and styles, including jewelry, ceramics, home decor, and much more.   When we shop on these art websites directly we support independent   artists. Moreover, most of them offer a variety of customized art options   for sale to allow for more personalized and unique gift ideas.

2. Purchase Directly from the Artist

Sawdust and Clay Large Mug

Another option to support independent artists is to purchase art directly from their website or studio. This is an excellent way to shop for their work, learn more about their artistry, and support them personally. Most of these artists have their websites and social media pages, where they provide information about their art, pricing, payment, and shipping options (some offering free shipping for larger orders), as well as occasional sale items. Purchasing art directly from the artist also helps make sure that they receive the maximum profit from every sale.

3. Attend Local Art Exhibitions and Markets

Local Art Love

  One of the best ways to support   independent artists is to attend local art   exhibitions, pop-up galleries, classes,   and markets, especially around the   holiday season. Small-scale art events   have become common, where   independent artists showcase their work   and sell it directly to the public. You can   find such events (most with free entry)   advertised on local websites, social   media pages, and directly from the collaborative’s website. Attending such events is not only a great way to support independent artists in your area, but it is also an excellent opportunity to find unique and original art pieces for sale.

4. Commission Custom Artwork

Another way to support an independent artist is to commission custom art pieces. This is a unique way to have something that is entirely personalized holiday art or a gift that is meaningful to either you or your loved one. Most artists are open to custom work, depending on their workload and expertise. Commissioning artwork also diversifies an artists' portfolio and provides them with new challenges. Custom artwork comes with a varying degree of pricing, depending on the complexity of the art piece you are requesting.

5. Share on Social Media

Sharing an independent artist's artwork on social media is a fantastic way to offer support. In today's world, social media is an extremely powerful tool, making sharing on multiple platforms an ideal way to give the artist's work the recognition and market it deserves. Sharing (and giving a follow) allows independent artists to showcase their art to a broader audience and increases the chances of gaining more customers locally, nationally, and in some cases around the world!

This holiday season, it is essential to support small businesses and independent artists. By shopping on artisan websites, purchasing directly from the artist, attending local art events, commissioning artwork, and sharing on social media, we can contribute to the success of independent artists. By gifting art of various styles produced and for sale by independent artists, we present unique and authentic presents and items to decorate the home that are sure to make a lasting impression on our loved ones. To spread the love by supporting the independent artists that will bring joy to everyone this holiday season, follow what’s happening at Sawdust and Clay today!

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