Plan a Memorable and Successful Holiday Art Party!
31 Oct

 As the holiday season approaches, businesses are planning their end-of-the-year celebrations to appreciate and recognize their hard-working employees. 

Ceramic Christmas Trees

This may be the first time in years that in person events are a possibility. The holiday party you organize can have a significant impact on your employees’ morale and job satisfaction.

The question becomes how to stand out from the mundane corporate parties and throw something unique and memorable, a fun activity or art class for you and your staff this holiday season.

Consider A Holiday Art Party!

Make Your Own Polar Bear

 An art-themed party isn't just fun;   it provides an opportunity for   team   building, creativity, and   bringing   out the inner artist in   your   team which is a perfect   way for your team to bond!

 Whether you decide on a paint   party or choose another medium, if you choose holiday designs or something more specific that reflects your group and it's culture, we are here to help.

To make sure that your event becomes the fun party idea that is talked about all year, we’ve got the ultimate guide to make your holiday art party unforgettable!

The Venue

Paint a Pot Party

 An art-themed holiday party requires a   creative space. Look for venues that   inspire creativity, such as art galleries,   studios or even local art shops.

 A place with good natural light is ideal as   many art activities require well-lit, bright   spaces. Ensure the space has ample   seating, tables, and other necessary   equipment.

 Working with a professional art studio as   your host can provide an appropriate space and art supplies like paints, paint brushes, canvases or paper, sculpting clays, woodworking supplies, and many more!

The Activities

painted Hand

The right activities are key to the success of an art party! Ensure there’s something for everyone. Consider organizing painting or pottery classes led by local artists at a local studio or gallery.

Not into painting or pottery? Try a group woodworking or glass activity to keep your hands busy while you chat with co-workers.

Alternatively, hire a professional calligrapher to teach the art of hand lettering or sign painting. Think outside the box and make it exciting for all!

The Theme

Ceramic Christmas Tree

 Choosing the right theme is   essential to create the art-filled   ambiance. Your theme should   inspire creativity and bring   everyone together.

 Depending on your budget and   the interests of your employees,   you can try several different   themes, such as "Winter   Wonderland," "Watercolor Christmas Tree," or "Red and Green Gatsby." With the right music and decorations, your guests will feel excited as if they're in a painting!

The Food and Drinks

butter bowl

You can’t forget the food and drinks! Check with the venue if they provide catering options. Otherwise, consider hiring food trucks or beverage carts for a unique culinary experience.

For a more traditional setup, opt for a buffet with festive-themed snacks like gingerbread cookies, candy canes, and eggnog cocktails.

The food is an excellent way to boost enthusiasm and keep the energy levels high!

The Take-Home Tokens

wooden ornaments

 The best part of an art-themed holiday party is the         takeaway tokens that commemorate the event.   Consider gifting customized ceramic mugs, tote bags,   or even calligraphed stationery.

 Let your employees walk away feeling proud of what   they created and wearing or using it over a long time   to celebrate their inner artist!

 With so many party ideas available, a holiday art party is a unique and creative way to celebrate the festive season with your co-workers! From the choice of venue, activities, and take-home tokens, ensure you plan your party with careful consideration to details to make it successful. Showcase your artistic flair and personality, and your guests will remember your event for a very long time. So reach out to the professionals at Sawdust and Clay and get ready to paint, chat, and let the creative juices flow!

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